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We provide Pay Per Click / Adword Services

MyCu-Tech provides the PPC services using the Google Adwords / Google Ads tool which is basically paid when someone taps the ads presented on the web browser in search engines on devices like Mobiles, laptops, and desktops, tabs, etc. Pay Per Click is typically used in search engine marketing. The ads are promoted on Google using the tool Google Adwords or Google Ads and it’s eventually a paid advertising model for the Purpose of Growing a Business. 

There are more Top Search engines Like:

Bing Ads

Yahoo Ads

For PPC Services these search engines can also be used for Business Branding and Growth.

PPC is the acronym for pay-per-click. This is a model where each time an ad is clicked a single time and the advertisers are charged some amount for each click. Eventually, it is the way of buying visits. Search engine advertising is the currently popular form of Best PPC Services. It is actually the ad popping up or Show to the user in the search results in the search engines’ sponsored links where searches on keywords are related to the business offering. Hence we take care of it for advertisers to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links and it is one of the major parts of digital marketing.

Our Pay Per Click / Adword Services
Setting-up Google Adwords Campaigns

We set up your Google Adwords account and campaign. we take care of the minutest details in setting up a google ads account for your company.

Restructure or Manage Existing Google Adwords Campaigns

You may already be using Google Ads campaigns that are not producing results as per your expectations. Our team will manage your existing campaigns to Increase ROI, decrease spending and increase conversions.

Monitoring and Reporting

We monitor your Google Ads account to share timely data with you that gives you correct details of impressions, clicks, and conversions collected through the PPC campaigns.

  • Add Long Tail Keywords
  • Business Targeted Keywords
  • Target the keywords that have low bids
  • Use Negative Keywords
  • Aim for 3rd or 4th position
  • Focus on the Quality Score
  • Creating Targeted Ads Campaigns
  • Existing PPC ads Campaigns Optimization
  • Regular Reporting of PPC ads Performance

Why is MyCu-Tech the Best PPC-Pay per click Services Company in Srinagar, kashmir?

MyCu-Tech is the Best Pay Per Click Company in Srinagar, kashmir. Because while we Run ads on Search Engines for our clients. We focus on all perspectives Related to Business Branding. Our experts create a complete and separate strategy for running ads, they do Proper research with keeping in mind Our client’s business nature and respectively run an ad online on Google ads, Bing ads, and Yahoo Ads.

For example, Google and Bing users are searching for a service and We Target the relevant keywords to reach the Right Potential Customers that Our experts make ad strategy according to business and concern ad Service Portal. By doing all the preparation we are able to give our clients Fruitful Pay Per Click Services in Srinagar, Kashmir at a Low ad expense. We Provide Lead to our Clients at Minimum CPC (Cost Per Click or Conversion) 

Our PPC Experts analyze your need from the perspective and Perception of the user and after they Target Our Ads according to them. We Provide Services With Running on Search engines.

What Do Our Pay Per click Services Include?

1. Google Ads, 

  • Website Traffic Ad
  • Lead Ad
  • Call Ad
  • Conversion Ad
  • Video Ad
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads

These are the Most fruitful ways, but Much more options with Google Ads

2. Bing Ads, 

  • Website Traffic Ad
  • Lead Ad
  • Call Ad
  • Conversion Ad
  • Video Ad
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads

These are the Most fruitful ways, but Much more options with Google Ads

3. Yahoo Ads, 

  • Website Traffic Ad
  • Lead Ad
  • Call Ad
  • Conversion Ad
  • Video Ad
  • YouTube Ads
  • Display Ads

These are the Most fruitful ways, but Much more options with Google Ads


Why is MyCu-Tech Leading Pay Per Click Solutions Provider Company in Srinagar, Kashmir?

Pay Per Click Services is a complete solution in one place for High-Quality Leads Generation related to your business and this can be said to be the Pay per use model also. MyCu-Tech is a leading name as a PPC service provider Company. It is also a leading Ad Content Copywriting Company in Srinagar, Kashmir at an Affordable charge. 

To convert a Business into a Brand, Every business in the world needs to do or avail of these Services. This helps to create a strong online presence for a Company. Consumers trust the companies that are Regularly Visible to the People online and it is also the way to get more clients. For the long term, engaging your customers means that your business should Run Targeted Ads. 

Pay Per Click not only Provides Potential Customers. Instead of Client, it helps build a strong Brand. While we run ads for getting Clients, This is automatically doing Brand awareness online on Google, etc. MyCu-Tech can help you in doing this without any hassle with our experts who have years of experience in running PPC ads

So, We say that MyCu-Tech is the Best Pay Per Click Services Company in Srinagar, Kashmir. MyCu-Tech has years of experience in Web Development and Digital Marketing Services in Srinagar, Kashmir.

Our Pay/Per Click Adword Expertise Includes

  • Keyword research is an important and essential process to your success
  • Writing more desirable ad copies comes from expertise and knowledge
  • Efficient tracking settings requires technical expertise
  • Landing page optimization relates a lot to your clients’ psychology
  • Influencing campaigns need absolute analysis by an expert
  • We Provide Dedicated Account or Project Manager
  • We increase ROI of your Business
  • Target to the Relevant Audience
  • Regular Reporting

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