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MyCu-Tech the developer develop the web applications that are compatible with actual time,supports two-way connections.The application user is able to freely exchange data on server.The applications developed is extremely fast,versatile and Immensely scalable works on cross platforms.

The main reason of developing website using Node js is its amazing features.The developed application is extremely fast,scalable that runs across the different platforms.In comparison to long established web serving methods where each and every connection generates a new thread, takes a high systems RAM and ultimately making-out at the space of available RAM,Node.js works on a single-thread concept, using non-blocking I/O calls, allowing it to support thousands of coincident connections

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Technical Mastery

Deeper understanding of Node.js architecture, design patterns, and supporting libraries helps you deliver high-performance applications with an excellent end-user experience.

Peak Performance

Expert training ensures your organization is using proven best practices to build and run applications, with a clear understanding of the security and performance implications of technical decisions.

Live Chat Application Development

MyCu-Tech’s highly experienced development and design team works effectively and build a app which includes a great functionality called live chat.


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