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Job Portal Development is a service for the business owners or website owners of job Portals built with old technology. We provide Portal Development Services for the new website or upgrades with old pre-built websites with Custom features and Functionality add-ons. We have a section for job portals featuring the built-in job portal system which enables features to manage all recruitment activities digitally. Countless jobs and categories are added day by day for the visitor to easily access. There are certain career websites that provide the facility to search for a job well suited. 

Therefore, the MyCu-Tech family has a column for the easy access of visitors to have a look at their career. 

Following technologies are used to create a Job Portal

  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MS SQL
  • HTML 
  • XML 
  • C# 
  • Angular
  • React JS
  • node.js 
  • AJAX
  • WordPress
  • etc.

to develop and design a Robust portal. We at MyCu-Tech Provide the Best Job Portal Development Services in Srinagar, kashmir.

But First of all, let us know! Some information about  the Job Portal is given below:

What is Job Portal ?

A Job Portal is a web application in the form of a Website. A Job Portal could have only a website or a website with a mobile app. This is a Platform to meet or connect with Employers and Job Seekers. 

A Job Portal allows Job Seekers to apply for the desired job. An Employer or recruiter does have the opportunity to choose the best suitable candidate for a job Profile. A Job Portal Provides easy and Hassle-free recruitment and Job finding Process.

Job portal is a free Multilanguage Job posting website. Job portal helps to find the best suitable job for the job seekers in their respective fields matching their skill sets.

A job portal, also known as a career portal, is a modern name for an online job board that helps applicants find jobs and aids employers in their quest to locate ideal candidates.

Benefits of Job Portal

  • For Job Seekers
  • For Employers
  • For Job Portal Owners

A job portal is a medium between employee and employer. For the purpose of hiring and getting hired for a job profile. A recruiter can hire a candidate or a job seeker can apply for a job from any city and state even between countries.

For Job Seekers

  • This helps to connect with companies globally.
  • It reduces the time duration for job search.
  • More Job Opportunities for job seekers.
  • Nil or low charges for job seekers.
  • Job Alerts on Regular Basis.

For Employer or Recruiter

  • This helps to connect with candidates globally.
  • It reduces the time duration of hiring a Candidate.
  • Multiple Choice of Candidates for employers.
  • Cost-Effective solutions for employers to Hire job seekers.
  • Business Promotion and Brand Establishment

For Job Portal Owners

There is a Huge Benefits and Scope for the Business Owners who have their own Job Portal. 

By the way, job portals are needed all over the world and are used by job seekers, employers. But if we talk only about Srinagar, kashmir., then right now there is a lot of potential in the Indian market. 

The count of the job seekers is in Lakhs and Crores. Also the recruiters are in pretty much quantity, could be also in lakhs and crores in Srinagar, kashmir..

How could you make money with a Job Portal?

As we know in a job Portal Employer and Job Seekers are interacting with each other.

You have to give Job Seekers free Resume uploading or a Profile creation facility. Also multiple packages with different facilities for Job Seekers. Let us make you understand what packages can be made

The Employer, recruiters and Companies are the Primary clients for a job Portal. A job Portal makes money from companies by selling packages for giving facilities to contact job seekers. 

Various career Websites, such as Naukri, Monster, Indeed, have job portals that offer a huge range of jobs in numerous fields.

And Generating a Handsome revenue in the Market.

Why should you Choose us for job Portal Development Services?

We at MyCu-Tech are a dedicated team of professionals who have almost a decade of experience. For developing Web applications, software for computers, CRM’s, Web Tools and Mobile Applications, etc. We also have years of experience in Job Portal Development Services

Our Team uses the latest Technology framework or Programming Languages to create the top notch world class solutions. Before starting the Development Process we do the detailed research and make the Strategies to Develop the Best Job Portal Website with Mobile application. 

Is a Mobile Application necessary with Job Portal Website Design Services?

The Mobile application Industry is the most developed and growing. The users of the mobile application are in millions and trillions in the world. 

The Other Job Portal Website does also have its own android applications and iOS applications Platforms. The user of the Job Mobile apps is the same as the Website users. 

That indicates that a job Portal should have its own Mobile app. 

Why are we the Best Company?

We are always concerned about the Growth of our Clients. So, We Provide the best Web Application Development Solution with mobile Application. For such a project which does have the compulsion for creating both Website and Mobile Application. 

This is the perception that makes MyCu-Tech’s best It Solution Provider and We are the Best Job Portal Development Services Company in Srinagar, kashmir.

Job Portal Development: Main Features
  • Job catalog from every sector and industry
  • It has user-friendly Search Options categorized on the basis of location, remuneration, keyword search, etc.
  • Post jobs with description, experience location, skills and qualification required
  • Resume search demarcated on the basis of location, experience, skills and qualification
  • Online applying and contacting employers​
  • Custom reports on statistics, categories of resume and views etc.
  • Admin control for adding, deleting and modifying employers and job seekers

Job Portal Development is the need of Businesses, Companies, Employers and Job Seekers for hiring a Candidate for a Job. and for a Candidate to get a Job.

We at MyCu-Tech understand the basics to Advance Job Portal Website specific needs very well, and We are the Leading Job Portal Development Company in Srinagar, kashmir. Our solution takes your business to the path of success and growth. 

We are looking to use the best possible technology to create a perfect solution.

  • Best Programming language or CMS
  • Custom Codes for Every Needs
  • Job Seeker Friendly Dashboard
  • Recruiter Friendly Dashboard
  • SEO Friendly Admin Panel
  • Admin Dashboard 
  • Security and Maintenance Solutions, etc.

So, We say that MyCu-Tech is the Best Job Portal Development Service Provider Company in Srinagar, kashmir. MyCu-Tech has years of experience in Web Development and Digital Marketing for Providing Services in Srinagar, kashmir.

Job Portal Development:Tools & Technology Used

Already proven their mettle in delivering infallible expertise in a wide range of varied software tools for job portal applications. Our development team employ process oriented model to bring best solutions everytime.We used following technologies :ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, JavaScript, C#, MS SQL, XML, HTML ,angular,node.js, to develop and design Robust portal services.

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